Local Tips For Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney in The Kansas City Metro

Hello and happy Thursday KC! The team at The Law Office of David S Adams wanted to share 3 basic tips and facts about Personal Injury Law for KC this week. See our facts below, especially if you are looking at hiring a personal injury attorney in Overland Park, Lenexa, Olathe, KS or in the Kansas City metropolitan area sometime in the near future.

  1. Loss of enjoyment of one’s life is a part of so-called “non-economic” damages allowed in an injury claim.  A conservative juror often does not like placing a value on something so difficult to value.  Sometimes someone receives a painful injury right before a long-planned vacation trip or family excursion (often overseas).  Being unable to enjoy such a trip (or summer vacation), or participate in all that was anticipated, and planned out, will be valued only if the juror can be properly helped to see that they would want to be fairly compensated if it happened to them.
  2.  A school district in Kansas is liable for injuries to a student during a sporting or recreational activity only if the negligence of the school is deemed “gross and wanton.”  K.S.A. §75-6104(o) Kansas Tort Claims Act.  Other injuries to students during school hours would likely be subject to a general negligence assessment.
  3. Slip and fall cases are very tough in the state of Kansas as there is no recovery unless the property owner was more than 50% at fault for the fall.  Even when a store has a slippery condition on the floor, if a jury finds both parties 50% at fault for the fall, there is no recovery.  The State of Missouri does not have this threshold.

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Local Tips For Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney in The Kansas City Metro